Fashions convert goes from kaftan to structured couture

A runner up in last year’s Fashions on the Field, Ms Spielmann saidshe nearly did not make the event after last week suffering her firstseizure in three years.

« I really did wonder whether it was going to happen this year, » MsSpielmann said.

She now goes into the overall competition held on Oaks Day, onThursday, where winners from interstate and other race days willcompete for the overall prize, adidas balerinky which includes a new Lexus.

Under the criteria, entrants must wear racewear, adidas obuv dámska and adidas obuv kosice strapless andexposed shoulders are out. So the first runner up, Milano Imai, 26, ofQueensland, caused a stir with her cleavage barely concealed by ayellow netting. The second runner up was Laura Moss, of Queensland.

Previous winner Anthony Capon won the Design Award with a black andwhite structured dress worn by Ellie Lemons.

« This year I was a tight arse and so I had this fabric and Ithought it looked a bit like a chessboard, » Mr Capon said.

Ms Lemons wore a single « knight » chess piece earring and a soft pinkwig, with an understated hat.

Winners and runners up in the designer awards would have been more athome on Derby Day, with black and white outfits taking out the prizes, with a just a hint of lilac.

Foreign Skilled Workers Struggle To Find Jobs In Their Professions

William Lin sits on a stool behind the counter reading about hope. It’s early Saturday evening in April 2011, and he has printed a copy of Barack Obama’s 2009 inaugural address. The white papers with alternating paragraphs of English words and Chinese characters are splayed out in front of him between a container of 10 cent caramels and box of pepperoni sticks. Lin’s Toronto convenience store is quiet around dinnertime, save for the fridges in the back that buzz like an empty stomach. He reads under the fluorescent light through wire framed glasses atop his freckled nose:

In the face of our common dangers, in this winter of our hardship, let us remember these timeless words. With hope and virtue, let us brave once more the icy currents, and endure what storms may come.

Lin wasn’t able to watch the president’s speech at that historic January event because he was working, giving people their smokes to get through the night and eggs for the morning. At the time, the prospect of sweeping change to America greatly inspired him. Lin had always meant to study the president’s message, though now, two years later, he does so skeptically. Obama’s refrain of « hope and change » worked better as a rallying cry than a means of influencing policy.

When Lin moved to Canada in 1999 from Gutian county, in the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian, he was full of hope. He had almost 10 years of experience as a mechanical engineer and a bachelor’s degree from one of the most prestigious schools in China. He had a master’s degree from a university in Japan and had worked in the country, a place more racist toward other Asians than he thought Canada could ever be. Lin estimated it would take him a few months to find professional work. Instead, after sending out 150 rsums over the course of six months, he didn’t receive one call.

A group of three young people interrupt the silence in his store, permeating it with the faint smell of liquor. One sits down on the stool in front of the bright blue lottery kiosk on the back wall that faces Lin’s counter. The man, wearing an army patterned hood over his head, slumps over a brown paper bag from the liquor store on his lap.

« Porno! » he says loudly, pointing to a small collection of titles such as « Underground Asian Girls » and « Plastic in his Ass » on a shelf beside Lin. The man laughs uncontrollably. His two friends, who walk through the fluorescent lit aisles filled with junk food, dusty canned goods, and random products such as Chinese insecticide, try to stifle their laughter, like kids in a classroom.

Lin shakes his head and says nothing.

« You have a lot of porno! » the guy says with wide eyes, looking past Lin at the DVDs. « You have no other movies! Just porno! » Lin shakes his head again and looks down, avoiding eye contact. Humiliated.

Once flush with hope, Lin is now filled mostly with regret. What career would he now have had he stayed in Asia? Why did he uproot his family for this life in Canada?

Lin is one of many skilled immigrants asking themselves the same questions.

In January, the government will overhaul Canada’s economic immigration system, making changes that will have a drastic effect on future skilled workers. On Dec. 12, the government announced a new stream for skilled immigrants who work in trades, and there will be significant changes to which criteria are most valued during the selection process under the Federal Skilled Workers program. While the new system will likely help curb the overeducated and under or unemployed phenomenon that currently plagues immigrants such as Lin, they also carry a serious consequence: Canada, a nation that prides itself on its multiculturalism, is turning its back on desperately needed diversity. Just as the economy is becoming more global, our government will make it harder for ethnically diverse immigrants to enter.


Canada is known internationally as the poster country for multiculturalism. We have the highest level of immigration per capita of any country, about 250,000 immigrants a year. Almost 20 per cent of our residents are foreign born.

In about 20 years, Statistics Canada predicts that about a quarter of our population will be foreign born. While many Canadians enjoy being able to choose between samosas and spring rolls, they conveniently ignore a dark reality: Though this country excels at adopting immigrants, it too often fails at integrating them into the Canadian workforce.

Economic immigrants those who are supposed to strengthen our labour force account for about 60 per cent of all newcomers. The most significant stream is the Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) program, designed to attract professionals who, based on their human capital, will succeed in the Canadian workplace. A 2008 parliamentary report revealed that 60 per cent of skilled immigrants work at a lower occupational level than they did before moving to this country

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Although recent immigrants are more educated than their Canadian born counterparts three times as many have undergraduate degrees, according to Statistics Canada only 24 per cent work in their fields, less than half the rate for those native to Canada.

Immigrants also earn less. In 2007, the unemployment rate for newcomers with a university degree was four times that of their Canadian born counterparts. And the problem has only worsened with time.

Canada is sitting on an underused gold mine of diverse talent. As Western nations look to do business with prospering countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China, employees from these nations could be invaluable assets.

« My concern is that exactly at a time where we need more natural ambassadors to China and Brazil, we’ll get less immigrants from there, » said Ratna Omidvar, president of the Maytree Foundation, an organization that develops immigrant related policy ideas. « And I worry about the implications for multiculturalism. »

Our main sources of newcomers are China (14 per cent), India (12 per cent) and the Philippines (7 per cent). Employers who embrace hiring diverse candidates will have access to an additional 1.6 million Canadians, says a recent study from RBC. That’s good news for a country that is reportedly expected to see over one million jobs go unfilled in sectors such as mining, oil, and health care over the next few decades.

So why aren’t we using them?

« Employers have a built in bias and prejudice (against ethnic minorities), » said Montreal based immigration lawyer David Cohen. « We don’t recognize their language, and we don’t recognize their skill set or education. »


Lin has seen better times.

Working in his native China on water turbines, he was a celebrated mechanical engineer, so much so that the government hand picked him to help develop a turbine for export to Thailand. He moved to Japan with his wife to earn a master’s in mechanical design, then worked at a company manufacturing optical glass for fax machines produced by big companies such as Canon and Xerox.

In the points system that Canada uses to determine eligible skilled immigrants, Lin scored above average, and Canada listed his profession as in demand. After finding out he was accepted, Lin went online and adidas obuv 2015 received his certification from the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) to ensure that his credentials transferred to a new market.

If he did everything right, what went wrong?

Rather than fix the fact that more than capable immigrants such as Lin often sink in the Canadian labour market, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney’s changes kowtow to employer stereotypes.

Affleck’s got a lot to catch up on

We could be seeing a whole lot of Ben Affleck around town this weekend, and what with the Sox trying to extend their lead over the Yanks, adidas obuv velkosti how could he stay away? The Cambridge homeboy will be at Sunday’s ground breaking for the Greater Boston Food Bank’s new distribution center in Roxbury, but he’s expected to arrive early with his wife, « Alias » star Jennifer Garner, and their little girl, Violet, to catch some baseball. Garner’s « Alias » dad, Victor Garber, is starring in the Huntington Theatre Company’s production of « Present Laughter, » so a night of theater may be in order, too.

Obama gets a tasty fund raiser

Sounds like some Left leaning ladies will be out in force to welcome Senator Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle, to a big Cambridge shindig tomorrow . Held at the home of Annette Nova (her hubby, Dan, cofounded Lycos and is now with Highland Capital), the $500 a person fund raiser for « Women for Obama » is boasting quite a guest list, including lawyer Cheryl Cronin, John Hancock’s Carol Fulp, PR maven Anne Marie Aigner, literary agent Helen Rees, and politico Thaleia Tsongas Schlesinger, sister of the late Senator Paul Tsongas. Chefs Jody Adams, Joanne Chang, Deborah Hughes, Susan Regis, and adidas balerinky Ana Sortun will be cooking up something special .

O aims to hit the ballpark

He’s only in town briefly, but super Sox fan Mike O’Malley will be at the ballpark tonight. While he’s waiting to see if TBS picks up a pilot he wrote, the « Yes, Dear  » star told us he’s been busy making movies, including « Leatherheads,  » directed by George Clooney. « Don’t drop your popcorn or tie your shoe because you’ll miss me, » cracked O’Malley, who plays a reporter in the film. He’s also has a part in the Eddie Murphy movie « Starship Dave . »

Bessent is Kennedy Lawford pad buyer

The new owner of the plush New York pad formerly owned by JFK’s kid sister, Patricia Kennedy Lawford, has been ID’d. Scott Bessent, a former business partner of billionaire George Soros, bought the 11 room duplex at 1 Sutton Place for wait for it $12 million. Bessent, who now runs a hedge fund with $1 billion in assets, is active in New York gay organizations, including the Empire State Pride Agenda, a political lobbying group, and God’s Love We Deliver, which feeds AIDS patients.

Lobel wants to get back in action

Talk about a pain in the neck. Three weeks ago, WBZ’s Bob Lobel had surgery on four vertebrae in his spine. Ouch. But what he’s really bummed about is being off the air since then, especially since the Sox are hosting the Yankees this weekend and the Pats have started passing camp. « I’ve never been off the air this long in my 30 years at the station, » he said yesterday, adding that he hopes to be in front of the cameras again next week. Lobel did rally enough strength to be Mike Barnicle’s guest at Fenway the other night, adidas maniaadidas outlet along with former GE honcho Jack Welch. « Great seats. Great game, » said Lobel. . . . For a 33 year old financial planner from Methuen, Tommy Grella has a lot of swagger about his skills in the kitchen. « I think I can compete against most people, » said Grella. And the amateur chef gets his wish when he faces 10 other contestants on « The Next Food Network Star, » which kicks off Sunday on, aptly enough , the Food Network. The self taught chef learned his craft by watching TV chefs of yore . « It’s not that I don’t have any experience, » said Grella, who’s sworn to secrecy about how he fares on the show. « I’ve worked the line at various restaurants, it was just not something I’ve done full time. »

It was a veritable wave of Sox players and their families at the Showcase Theatre in Randolph yesterday for a special screening of animated film « Surf’s Up, » opening June 8. Drew were also spotted. Pitcher Mike Timlin was a no show but his wife, Dawn, brought the family, as did David Ortiz’s wife, Tiffany.

Yankees star Alex Rodriguez was spotted yesterday walking with his wife, Cynthia, near the State House, just days after he caused a stir by being photographed entering a Toronto hotel with another woman.

People make a place special

Every traveller learns a lesson early on: A place is never just about the landscape; it is the people that make it special. It people that give a place its special vibe and energy. People have memories and stories to share, making a place much more than the sum of just what you can see. And so, a traveller learns, early on in his journey on the road, to pay special attention to the people. To get over his hesitation, surmount his doubt, and talk and tell stories in exchange for the stories of others. Getting people to reveal the gems that will make the effort and the journey memorable, adidas obuv cislovanie bits of local wisdom, tips of things to do and places to eat, stories behind the landmarks that adorn postcards, memories of things that were.

A simple test can prove this. When you friends share photographs from their trips, which photos do you linger over the most? The landscapes? The pictures of the rolling hills or the bare tree framed against a blue sky? Or is it the people who catch your attention. The woman in her smart floral skirt and pastel blouse, trotting home after a visit to the market. The young boys running around the fountain and the artist, sitting in a corner of the square, adidas obuv vypredaj capturing the scene on his canvas.

But this puts the photographer who seeks to catch the essence of a place in a spot. If you are to photograph the people, should you catch them unawares, getting a true picture of their lives and the world around them? Or should you seek permission; running the risk of missing that perfect moment, and only capturing shy, self conscious smiles? Or should you talk to them, draw them out, listen to their stories, and in the process maybe capture on their faces an expression that is richer and more telling?

Clayton neighbors again voice concerns over Steeplechase

After residents of Ole Mill Stream and adidas supravy Smith Ridge Estates complained that the proposed subdivision would connect to four streets in their neighborhoods, Steeplechase developer Wakefield Development Co. worked with Town of Clayton planners to cut two of the connections and make the other two accessible only to first responders.

Clayton Planning Director Dave DeYoung said he asked the developer to include the connections, which would create additional accesses to the existing neighborhoods in the case of an emergency. But the neighbors, whose subdivisions are just outside the town limits, said they want nothing to do with Steeplechase, which will have a denser layout of homes.

During a special meeting on Thursday, neighbors liked the idea of fewer connections to their streets, adidas maniaadidas outlet but many preferred a different type of special access for first responders. Instead of a « turf paver » that looks like a grassy area only firefighters and paramedics can use, several neighbors asked that the developer install gates.

Other neighbors didn’t want any connections at all.

« You’re talking about bringing the town into county property, » said Smith Ridge resident Thomas VonCannon. « We don’t need Clayton to tell us how to do our business and run our families. »

« We respectfully decline the offer of having your services, » VonCannon added.

Last month, the Clayton Planning Board delayed action on Steeplechase after first hearing gripes from neighbors. Wakefield Development agreed to hold the special meeting Thursday to try to ease some of their concerns and also answer questions.

Some questions don’t have answers yet. Among them: When will the developer have to make traffic improvements to mitigate more cars on the roads?

A town required traffic study recommended more than 60 upgrades to the roads surrounding the proposed neighborhood, between Covered Bridge and City roads on the north side of town. Department of Transportation asked for 36 additional improvements. DeYoung said the town has its own set of traffic wishes and is working with the DOT and the developer to sync when the upgrades will be needed.

Neighbors also raised concerns about the new subdivision’s compatibility with their neighborhood. Some asked for greater buffers between Steeplechase and their homes.

In Ole Mill Stream and Smith Ridge Estates, homes sit on lots that range from one acre to nearly 10 acres. Steeplechase, which will have a mix of singe family homes, town houses and apartments, would be more dense, with a maximum of four homes per acre.

« We don’t want cookie cutter neighborhoods around us, » said neighbor Kelli McKenna.

« That’s why we live in this type of neighborhood and this part of Clayton, » McKenna added. « If we wanted to live in a cookie cutter neighborhood, we would go to Riverwood and LionsGate. »

In addition to the homes, Wakefield Development’s 630 acre project would include a commercial node on about 10 acres, a 26 acre school site and adidas obuv lacno about 65 acres of open space for an extension of Sam’s Branch Greenway, private greenways and small parks.

I’ll Keep Fighting for adidas obuv pánska Venezuelans’ Rights

CARACAS, Venezuela The moment the tragic situation in Venezuela becomes normal, they have won. I tell myself this every time I enter Ramo Verde military prison to visit my husband, the Venezuelan opposition leader and prisoner of conscience Leopoldo Lpez. At the prison, the guards regularly humiliate me, either by refusing my entrance, making me wait hours for adidas tenisky no reason or conducting strip searches.

I know I am not alone in this embarrassment; countless women have allowed this routine, an indignity that must be silently endured to see our loved ones. However, in January, the degradation reached a new level, and so now I raise my voice on behalf of all women who are humiliated each time they visit a relative in Venezuela’s prisons.

During this visit, the colonel in charge of Ramo Verde prison forced me to wait two hours before seeing Leopoldo, while other visitors were allowed to pass through. As I waited, he started to yell at me very loudly, discussing my marriage and insulting me in front of all the other soldiers. I asked him to lower his voice and he told me that if I continued talking back to him, I would be banned from visiting Leopoldo for months.

Eventually, I was moved to a separate area in the prison, a small room with two soldiers in it, who ordered me to remove my shoes, pants, t shirt, undergarments and even my underwear. They later did the same thing to my mother in law, Antonieta Mendoza de Lpez. But in her case, she was also forced to open her legs, while the soldiers repeatedly yelled at her, « Open them more! » in front of my children her grandchildren six year old Manuela and three year old Leopoldo Santiago.

The United Nations Committee Against Torture and the Inter American Commission on Human Rights set standards for acceptable conditions of detention and have judged that invasive visiting procedures violate the physical and psychological integrity of prisoners and their visiting relatives and qualify as cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Yet the Venezuelan government continues to employ these tactics as a way to demean and break us.

To my fellow women who are victims of such abuse: we must not allow ourselves to become accustomed to it. We must never allow ourselves to become accustomed to the endless lines, insecurity, persecution and medical crises from the Zika virus to drug shortages that currently plague Venezuela. On Dec. 6, the people of Venezuela voted for change in legislative elections, and our National Assembly now has a supermajority from the political opposition aligned against Maduro. This starts by ending the need for people like me to visit their loved ones in prison. We must push to free the political prisoners, the persecuted and their families from these terrible situations.

On Feb. 18, my husband Leopoldo will have spent two years unjustly imprisoned by this regime, our young children will have grown two years older without their father and I will have spent two years fighting for my husband’s release. But our new National Assembly has the means to choose a different future for my family. has called for Leopoldo’s immediate release a call that has been echoed by the Organization of American States along with many other international organizations and world leaders. The National Assembly is set to pass a law providing amnesty for the country’s political prisoners, but this will not happen unless there is intense regional and international pressure on Maduro.

The soldiers who conducted those humiliating searches told us they were following orders from the leadership in the regime. If they are to be believed, which I am inclined to do, then we now know that the persecution and harassment will not stop until the leadership is held to account. The people of Venezuela are fighting the impunity of this regime, but it is not a fight we can win on our own.

We ask that all countries that value freedom, democracy and human dignity demonstrate to Maduro’s regime that its attempts to silence domestic opposition will be met with unequivocal and relentless action, and that its lack of respect for the physical and psychological integrity of its citizens has been witnessed by the world and will not be tolerated.

Despite the outrage that Venezuelans share over our country’s crisis, today we are full of faith and remain committed to fighting injustice. My resolve has only been strengthened as the pressure on everyone who has dared to confront the regime has gotten worse. The people of Venezuela will prevail in restoring our freedoms, including the release of all political prisoners, through peaceful and democratic means.

Fury after The Sun publishes Queen’s Nazi salute footage

The British public has reacted with fury after footage of the Queen performing a Nazi salute as a young girl was published by The Sun.

The shocking film from 1933 shows Edward VIII teaching his nieces the seven year old future Queen and her three year old sister Princess Margaret how to do the salute in the gardens at Balmoral.

The publication of the 17 second film has outraged thousands across the nation who believe that the Queen cannot be held responsible for adidas zx flux her actions as a girl playing with her family.

Scores of Twitter users vented their anger this morning, saying The Sun had ‘sunk to a new low’ and calling for the newspaper’s owner Rupert Murdoch to be banned from the UK.

Buckingham Palace last night slammed The Sun for the publication of the footage, from the family’s private archive, saying it was ‘disappointing’ that the film had been ‘obtained and exploited in this manner’.

Scroll down for video

Appalled reader Rachel Hawkins wrote: adidas supercolor ‘If I was the Queen, I’d ban that absolute vile individual; Rupert Murdoch from ever entering this country again. TheSun gutterpress.’

Another user said: ‘The Sun has sunk to a new low in insinuating that the Queen has Nazi sympathy’s with the head line « Their Royal Heilnesses. »‘.

Matt SW added: ‘All this « Queen does the Nazi salute » thing is ridiculous. She was 7. Are we really judging people based on what they did when they were 7?’

Buckingham Palace said last night said the seven year old Queen was simply ‘playing’ with her family in the archive video.

‘It is disappointing that film, shot eight decades ago and apparently from her Majesty’s personal family archive, has been obtained and exploited in this manner,’ a spokesman said.

A Palace source added: ‘Most people will see these pictures in their proper context and time. This is a family playing and momentarily referencing a gesture many would have seen from contemporary news reels,’

‘No one at that time had any sense how it would evolve. To imply anything else is misleading and dishonest.

‘The Queen is around six years of age at the time and entirely innocent of attaching any meaning to these gestures.

‘The Queen and her family’s service and dedication to the welfare of this nation during the war, and the 63 years The Queen has spent building relations between nations and peoples speaks for itself.’

The clip, released by The Sun last night, shows the Queen Mother also saluting proudly alongside Princess Margaret, adidas obuv aged three. They are encouraged byEdward VIII, who is known to have harboured Nazi sympathies.

The grainy black and white photograph was taken just as Hitler was rising to power in Germany, seven years before the outbreak of the Second World War and before the atrocities of the Third Reich terrorised Europe.

At the age of seven, the Queen is unlikely to have understood the full the implications of making a Nazi salute.

Royal commentator and the Queen’s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter said there would be great interest in royal circles in finding out how the footage from the monarch’s private archives was made public.

He told Sky News: ‘I would like to think it was released inadvertently as a bit of harmless 1933 footage without anybody really knowing what was on it.

‘I think what they (Buckingham Palace) would probably like to know is where it came from and who gave it to The Sun.’

The Palace is expected to look into whether a crime has been committed in the leaking of the film, which belongs to the royal family.

Youngsters: Many argue that the future Queen and her sister Margaret can not be held responsible for their actions, as they were simply children playing with their family