Clayton neighbors again voice concerns over Steeplechase

After residents of Ole Mill Stream and adidas supravy Smith Ridge Estates complained that the proposed subdivision would connect to four streets in their neighborhoods, Steeplechase developer Wakefield Development Co. worked with Town of Clayton planners to cut two of the connections and make the other two accessible only to first responders.

Clayton Planning Director Dave DeYoung said he asked the developer to include the connections, which would create additional accesses to the existing neighborhoods in the case of an emergency. But the neighbors, whose subdivisions are just outside the town limits, said they want nothing to do with Steeplechase, which will have a denser layout of homes.

During a special meeting on Thursday, neighbors liked the idea of fewer connections to their streets, adidas maniaadidas outlet but many preferred a different type of special access for first responders. Instead of a « turf paver » that looks like a grassy area only firefighters and paramedics can use, several neighbors asked that the developer install gates.

Other neighbors didn’t want any connections at all.

« You’re talking about bringing the town into county property, » said Smith Ridge resident Thomas VonCannon. « We don’t need Clayton to tell us how to do our business and run our families. »

« We respectfully decline the offer of having your services, » VonCannon added.

Last month, the Clayton Planning Board delayed action on Steeplechase after first hearing gripes from neighbors. Wakefield Development agreed to hold the special meeting Thursday to try to ease some of their concerns and also answer questions.

Some questions don’t have answers yet. Among them: When will the developer have to make traffic improvements to mitigate more cars on the roads?

A town required traffic study recommended more than 60 upgrades to the roads surrounding the proposed neighborhood, between Covered Bridge and City roads on the north side of town. Department of Transportation asked for 36 additional improvements. DeYoung said the town has its own set of traffic wishes and is working with the DOT and the developer to sync when the upgrades will be needed.

Neighbors also raised concerns about the new subdivision’s compatibility with their neighborhood. Some asked for greater buffers between Steeplechase and their homes.

In Ole Mill Stream and Smith Ridge Estates, homes sit on lots that range from one acre to nearly 10 acres. Steeplechase, which will have a mix of singe family homes, town houses and apartments, would be more dense, with a maximum of four homes per acre.

« We don’t want cookie cutter neighborhoods around us, » said neighbor Kelli McKenna.

« That’s why we live in this type of neighborhood and this part of Clayton, » McKenna added. « If we wanted to live in a cookie cutter neighborhood, we would go to Riverwood and LionsGate. »

In addition to the homes, Wakefield Development’s 630 acre project would include a commercial node on about 10 acres, a 26 acre school site and adidas obuv lacno about 65 acres of open space for an extension of Sam’s Branch Greenway, private greenways and small parks.

How to Change the Rear Brakes on a Pontiac Grand Prix

Apply a thin coat of lubricant to the parts of the inner pad that come in contact with the caliper piston and mounting areas. As you install the brake pads in the caliper support, make sure the wear sensors are downward and at the leading edge of the rotor when the tire rotates. Push the brake pads into the support, holding the metal shoe edge against the spring end of the pad clips. This slightly bends the spring ends and adidas supercolor lets the notches engage with the support. This step does not apply for the Grand adidas obuv vypredaj Prix RPO Z7U.

The master cylinder is a metal cylinder located in front of the steering wheel on the metal firewall that separates the engine from the body of the car. On top of the cylinder there is a plastic container that holds brake fluid for the system. When you work on the brakes you adjust the level of fluid so that the container is less than half full.

Parking brakes are operated by a long, steel cable that runs between the handle in the cockpit and the rear wheels. The parking brake cable is the cable that runs from the caliper backing plate to the car body. The brake cable is very thick and rubber coated. Be careful. The brake cable is easily confused with the brake hose, which is a steel tube connected to the car body with a short rubber hose. Use pliers to remove the parking brake cable. It is held in place with retaining clips.

The caliper is the arc shaped, cast iron piece attached to the brake rotor. It is usually on the upper rear of the brake rotor. Caliper bolts are located on the back side of the caliper. Use penetrating oil to loosen the bolts if necessary.

Be careful using brake fluid. It is an eye irritant and is hazardous if swallowed. Always wash your hands thoroughly after you have been handling brake fluid. If brake fluid does get in your eyes, immediately use clear, running water to flush your eyes for 15 minutes. If your eyes are still irritated after you rinse them or if you swallow any brake fluid, get medical assistance immediately.

Be careful when you are handling used brake parts. The dust and dirt on the brake parts may contain asbestos fibers that can be hazardous to your health if they are inhaled.

When you clean brake parts, always use a damp cloth, not compressed air, wire brushes, scouring pads, or anything else that could move the dust and dirt particles around. Throw away any cleaning cloths that you use and swept up dirt and dust in a sealed, impermeable container. For more information, visit the library or go online to view the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and procedures for handling or throwing away anything that might contain asbestos fibers.

How to Replace Rear Disc Brakes in a Pontiac Grand Prix

The Pontiac Grand Prix has either disc or adidas superstar drum brakes in the rear of the car. Many drivers prefer disc brakes because.

How to Replace Emergency Brakes in a Pontiac Grand Prix

Fortunately, the brakes on a Pontiac Grand Prix rarely fail, . The rear brakes on the GM Grand Prix consists of a.

I’ll Keep Fighting for adidas obuv pánska Venezuelans’ Rights

CARACAS, Venezuela The moment the tragic situation in Venezuela becomes normal, they have won. I tell myself this every time I enter Ramo Verde military prison to visit my husband, the Venezuelan opposition leader and prisoner of conscience Leopoldo Lpez. At the prison, the guards regularly humiliate me, either by refusing my entrance, making me wait hours for adidas tenisky no reason or conducting strip searches.

I know I am not alone in this embarrassment; countless women have allowed this routine, an indignity that must be silently endured to see our loved ones. However, in January, the degradation reached a new level, and so now I raise my voice on behalf of all women who are humiliated each time they visit a relative in Venezuela’s prisons.

During this visit, the colonel in charge of Ramo Verde prison forced me to wait two hours before seeing Leopoldo, while other visitors were allowed to pass through. As I waited, he started to yell at me very loudly, discussing my marriage and insulting me in front of all the other soldiers. I asked him to lower his voice and he told me that if I continued talking back to him, I would be banned from visiting Leopoldo for months.

Eventually, I was moved to a separate area in the prison, a small room with two soldiers in it, who ordered me to remove my shoes, pants, t shirt, undergarments and even my underwear. They later did the same thing to my mother in law, Antonieta Mendoza de Lpez. But in her case, she was also forced to open her legs, while the soldiers repeatedly yelled at her, « Open them more! » in front of my children her grandchildren six year old Manuela and three year old Leopoldo Santiago.

The United Nations Committee Against Torture and the Inter American Commission on Human Rights set standards for acceptable conditions of detention and have judged that invasive visiting procedures violate the physical and psychological integrity of prisoners and their visiting relatives and qualify as cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Yet the Venezuelan government continues to employ these tactics as a way to demean and break us.

To my fellow women who are victims of such abuse: we must not allow ourselves to become accustomed to it. We must never allow ourselves to become accustomed to the endless lines, insecurity, persecution and medical crises from the Zika virus to drug shortages that currently plague Venezuela. On Dec. 6, the people of Venezuela voted for change in legislative elections, and our National Assembly now has a supermajority from the political opposition aligned against Maduro. This starts by ending the need for people like me to visit their loved ones in prison. We must push to free the political prisoners, the persecuted and their families from these terrible situations.

On Feb. 18, my husband Leopoldo will have spent two years unjustly imprisoned by this regime, our young children will have grown two years older without their father and I will have spent two years fighting for my husband’s release. But our new National Assembly has the means to choose a different future for my family. has called for Leopoldo’s immediate release a call that has been echoed by the Organization of American States along with many other international organizations and world leaders. The National Assembly is set to pass a law providing amnesty for the country’s political prisoners, but this will not happen unless there is intense regional and international pressure on Maduro.

The soldiers who conducted those humiliating searches told us they were following orders from the leadership in the regime. If they are to be believed, which I am inclined to do, then we now know that the persecution and harassment will not stop until the leadership is held to account. The people of Venezuela are fighting the impunity of this regime, but it is not a fight we can win on our own.

We ask that all countries that value freedom, democracy and human dignity demonstrate to Maduro’s regime that its attempts to silence domestic opposition will be met with unequivocal and relentless action, and that its lack of respect for the physical and psychological integrity of its citizens has been witnessed by the world and will not be tolerated.

Despite the outrage that Venezuelans share over our country’s crisis, today we are full of faith and remain committed to fighting injustice. My resolve has only been strengthened as the pressure on everyone who has dared to confront the regime has gotten worse. The people of Venezuela will prevail in restoring our freedoms, including the release of all political prisoners, through peaceful and democratic means.

Dancing is my wife

It’s always a bit scary interviewing a sex god. And when Elle Macpherson describes a man as « sex on legs », you can be pretty sure he’s a sex god. When Emma Thompson prostrates herself before him, and when Madonna adores him and so does J Lo, and when Naomi Campbell and Mira Sorvino are among the women whose hearts he has (allegedly) broken, it’s probably safe to say that he has a little bit of well, je ne sais quoi or, perhaps more appropriately, atractivo sexual. Male fans include Tarantino, Armani, Bertolucci and Sting. For Joaquin Corts isn’t just a sex god. He’s the most famous flamenco dancer in the world.

When you watch one of his shows, you can see why. In Live at the Albert Hall, for example (also available in an unlive version, for repeat viewings and lingering close ups), when he appears in a pool of light, his perfect physique encased in a T shirt and trouser combo you can only describe as a second skin, and when those bulging arms (surely the Platonic ideal of arms) flex and those taut thighs bend, something is unleashed that feels like the dance equivalent of a volcano. The figure stamps and bows and leaps, at times galloping like a horse, at other times shimmying and quivering. At a certain point the black skin is replaced by a black suit, black shirt, white tie and pink shoes, like an extremely lithe Mafioso. Later, the black suit is swapped for a red suit. Later still, the shirt disappears. By this time, the long hair has escaped from its neat bun. We are watching a tap dancing Christ in need, perhaps, of a little Timotei a tap dancing Christ with, now, a naked torso. The torso, it goes without saying, is a thing to behold. Ecce homo.

The torso, however, is covered when I meet the real, live Joaquin Corts, in a posh hotel in Kensington. Corts is draped on a chaise longue, posing for the photographer, and when I smile and wave, he smiles and waves back. He doesn’t I realise instantly have a clue that I am here to interview him, but he smiles and waves back because he is polite. He is also, it becomes clear when he emerges from his session with the photographer, extremely sweet. Shorter, slighter and altogether less imposing than that messianic figure on the Albert Hall stage, he is less sex god and more nice young man obediently undertaking the tasks his agent has set him; nice young man who’s rather touchingly eager to please.

What he isn’t, however, is a linguist. After 20 years on the international circuit, including a six month spell in London, Corts still feels unable to conduct an interview in English. « My English is terrible, » he announces in a heavy Spanish accent. « No speak English. I think this year, practice every day. No time for working, going out for lessons, but now maybe in the future. » Well, maybe, but it’s not that bad. Let’s have a go, I suggest. Let’s take the, er, bull by the horns. « No, » he says, but in English. « I’m very shy. » And actually this man who has performed to hundreds of thousands of people around the world, who has been in a number of films, including Almodovar’s The Flower of My Secret and Carlos Saura’s Flamenco, and who has danced at the Kremlin and for President Bush at the White House.

A slightly hesitant ambassador, perhaps, for flamenco and a real ambassador, too, for Joaquin Corts, the most famous gypsy in the world, is also the EU Ambassador for the Roma. Having been in Italy at a time last year when the Roma appeared to be the scapegoats for an entire nation, adidas maniaadidas outlet I can see the need for a Roma ambassador. « Terrible situation, » says Corts when I mention it. « Terrible! » Does he feel he has been able to achieve anything in the role? He nods vigorously. « The only way is to show them that they are not complicated people, » he says. « The gypsies can live together with everybody without any problems. All the cultures have a problem with individuals, but not gypsies in general. Being a gypsy is not problematic. » Er, right. And how is the situation with the Roma in Spain? « The situation is very much better because I think the flamenco culture and the flamenco artists change the mentality of the people in general about the Roma people. It has to be a revolution to integrate all the people. »

For Corts, flamenco was in the blood. Born in Cordoba, he moved to Madrid when he was five, but his family retained the flamenco traditions of their Andalusian roots. Joaquin was dancing and singing as a small child and then, inspired by his uncle Cristobel, a well known flamenco dancer who danced with Nureyev, started dancing professionally at the age of 12. « It was surprise for me, » he declares. « Dancing is my wife! My fair woman! » When he was 15, he joined the Spanish National Ballet, where he became principal dancer, performing all over the world. And then, when he was 18, adidas obuv he started experimenting with a fusion of contemporary dance, classical ballet and flamenco. And all hell, or the flamenco equivalent of it, broke loose.

« It was shocking! » says Corts. « It was a surprise. Flamenco critics, more academic, didn’t like it. They have the tradition, it’s like ballet, it’s academic city. The flamenco has one academic city too. They had a problem with a person who is young and came with new things, or a revolution. In the beginning, they didn’t understand. »

What they didn’t understand, it seems, was the wilful violation of a tradition that had endured for centuries, a tradition that was all about dignity and pride. For a start, in flamenco you wore lots of clothes. You didn’t bare your torso. Corts did. Why? « Why not? » he replies. « Many dancer dancing nude! The gypsy culture originates in India, » he explains, « north India, when many centuries ago the gypsies hunting the witches. The ancient traditions of the gypsies dancing around the fire, dancing without clothes and with one skirt. » At this point, English fails him and the room erupts into a blizzard of Spanish. It sounds like an argument, but in the end Corts’s manager, Monica, translates. « He really wants you to understand why he went back to his origins, » she explains. « He thinks that to be a dancer in your own style, it’s very important to find out where you’re from. And when he was criticised for coming out, with his chest bare, he was criticised by a lot of the traditional flamenco people, but he says that they were criticising themselves, because that’s how we started. You either stay like that, with that small frame of mind, or you open your eyes and find out what it was. »

Well, I think that’s cleared that up. I’m beginning to see, in fact, some of the gypsy passion that inspired Pasion Gitana (« Gypsy Passion »), the second international tour by the Joaquin Corts Flamenco Ballet company he founded in 1992. At the heart of it, and at the heart of the flamenco experience, is duende, that hard to define state which has something to do with authenticity, something to do with emotion, something to do with soul. What does it mean to him? « Duende, » he says, opening his hands as if to a god, « is the magic moment, the magic mystery moment, a special moment » and then, once again, English words prove inadequate. « For him, » says Monica, « it’s when he’s on stage and it’s like he’s levitating. He’s in his own world, and it’s like he’s creating at the same time. » And isn’t this rather hard to achieve somewhere like, say, the Royal Albert Hall? Corts looks baffled. « No! » he says. « I prefer a big audience! You feel the heat and the roar of the crowd more, so you get deeper into your art. »

If he prefers a big audience, he’s certainly got it. In Spain, he can’t walk down the street without being stopped. How far, I wonder, is that a pleasure and how far is it a problem? Corts frowns. « It’s a pleasure [to stop] for the Roma people, » he says, « but I no like the paparazzi. They no respect my private life. » And, er, how shall I put this: how does he feel about his reputation as a sex symbol? « I like, » he replies « when in general women come to my shows to watch Joaquin Corts, sex symbol, Latin lover. It’s nice because these women. » But what these women do is clearly beyond his English and Monica once again takes over. « He’s saying, » she says, « that people like seeing him as a Latin lover and maybe come and see the show for that reason, but then they get into the dance form. To see that playboy side of him is not what he’s interested in. What he’s interested in is his dance. »

And has being, um, commodified in this way made him feel any different about his dance? Corts again looks baffled. « Tell me, tell me! » he begs as I explain to Monica what I mean. When she translates into Spanish, he looks horrified. « He doesn’t, » says Monica « think of himself as a commodity at all. Those things usually only last for a short period of time. He has created his art, he’s very thankful that he’s been able to take it out to most of the world and that people have accepted it and enjoyed it. So that’s what he focuses on. »

Corts has been quoted, amazingly, as saying that he doesn’t think he’s particularly good looking. Is that true? « No handsome! » he says fiercely. But he’s always known he’s attractive to women, hasn’t he? « No! » he shrieks. Monica intervenes again. « He really does think he’s been misquoted. He says, ‘I look in the mirror every morning and know I’m not. It’s just the way it is.’ What he said was that he prefers an attractive woman to an absolutely drop dead gorgeous woman. He’s much more interested in an attractive personality. »

Of course. That would explain why he has dated so many models. At this point, however, Monica has to leave, so I have to address the question to Corts via his Spanish production manager, Fernando. Neither of the two men looks amused. « Relationships with models, » says Fernando after a torrent of Spanish that seems to go on for a very long time, « are by chance ». But surely he must meet some women who aren’t models? Would he, for example, consider dating an intellectual woman?

Corts, smiles, leans forward in his chair and gives me a high five. Oh my goodness. I think he thinks I’m asking him out. The truth is that Corts, who will be 40 next month, dreams of true love and a family, but so far has failed to find them. And, just before Christmas, his mother, his real true love, died. There are, he says, « no words » for his grief. His soul, says Fernando, has gone.

And as I gaze at the sad, sweet man whose smile has faded, I find myself hoping praying even that we might start seeing less of Joaquin Corts sex god and more of Joaquin Corts’s soul.

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Fury after The Sun publishes Queen’s Nazi salute footage

The British public has reacted with fury after footage of the Queen performing a Nazi salute as a young girl was published by The Sun.

The shocking film from 1933 shows Edward VIII teaching his nieces the seven year old future Queen and her three year old sister Princess Margaret how to do the salute in the gardens at Balmoral.

The publication of the 17 second film has outraged thousands across the nation who believe that the Queen cannot be held responsible for adidas zx flux her actions as a girl playing with her family.

Scores of Twitter users vented their anger this morning, saying The Sun had ‘sunk to a new low’ and calling for the newspaper’s owner Rupert Murdoch to be banned from the UK.

Buckingham Palace last night slammed The Sun for the publication of the footage, from the family’s private archive, saying it was ‘disappointing’ that the film had been ‘obtained and exploited in this manner’.

Scroll down for video

Appalled reader Rachel Hawkins wrote: adidas supercolor ‘If I was the Queen, I’d ban that absolute vile individual; Rupert Murdoch from ever entering this country again. TheSun gutterpress.’

Another user said: ‘The Sun has sunk to a new low in insinuating that the Queen has Nazi sympathy’s with the head line « Their Royal Heilnesses. »‘.

Matt SW added: ‘All this « Queen does the Nazi salute » thing is ridiculous. She was 7. Are we really judging people based on what they did when they were 7?’

Buckingham Palace said last night said the seven year old Queen was simply ‘playing’ with her family in the archive video.

‘It is disappointing that film, shot eight decades ago and apparently from her Majesty’s personal family archive, has been obtained and exploited in this manner,’ a spokesman said.

A Palace source added: ‘Most people will see these pictures in their proper context and time. This is a family playing and momentarily referencing a gesture many would have seen from contemporary news reels,’

‘No one at that time had any sense how it would evolve. To imply anything else is misleading and dishonest.

‘The Queen is around six years of age at the time and entirely innocent of attaching any meaning to these gestures.

‘The Queen and her family’s service and dedication to the welfare of this nation during the war, and the 63 years The Queen has spent building relations between nations and peoples speaks for itself.’

The clip, released by The Sun last night, shows the Queen Mother also saluting proudly alongside Princess Margaret, adidas obuv aged three. They are encouraged byEdward VIII, who is known to have harboured Nazi sympathies.

The grainy black and white photograph was taken just as Hitler was rising to power in Germany, seven years before the outbreak of the Second World War and before the atrocities of the Third Reich terrorised Europe.

At the age of seven, the Queen is unlikely to have understood the full the implications of making a Nazi salute.

Royal commentator and the Queen’s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter said there would be great interest in royal circles in finding out how the footage from the monarch’s private archives was made public.

He told Sky News: ‘I would like to think it was released inadvertently as a bit of harmless 1933 footage without anybody really knowing what was on it.

‘I think what they (Buckingham Palace) would probably like to know is where it came from and who gave it to The Sun.’

The Palace is expected to look into whether a crime has been committed in the leaking of the film, which belongs to the royal family.

Youngsters: Many argue that the future Queen and her sister Margaret can not be held responsible for their actions, as they were simply children playing with their family

Your Say

Working in a call centre for one of the major banks (Not as a telemarketer thank god!), you do see the ethics and attitudes that the financial sector and more specifically the bank puts towards people who work in these roles. They make you feel as an employee that whatever you achieve is still not good enough and to aim that little bit higher every time. Hence why you get the « won’t take no for an answer » approach from telemarketers. Another way of dealing with a telemarketer is to pretend to speak a foreign language then hang up in confusion 🙂

I too have had the misfortune to be desperate for cash and was, adidas obuv lacno for some time, working for a market research company that specialized in cold calling.

Whilst I’ve found myself on the wrong end of calls from telemarketers, it really doesn’t take much effort to say « no thanks » and hang up, without being drawn into further conversation.

To all the people who feel the need to abuse the telemarketers are your lives really that terrible that you feel the need to lash out at a random stranger?

And, as anyone who’s ever worked in any kind of call centre will tell you, that old line from Seinfeld (you know, the « well how about you give me your number and I’ll call you at home ») it might have been funny when Jerry did it waaaaay back in the early ’90s, but when you pull that line out, well, it’s more than a little lame.

I get quite a few of these calls at work and adidas botasky depending on the rudeness of the telemarketer my response varies accordingly.

To the polite ones I usually say « you’re not going to get anywhere with me, so better luck on your next call » which most are receptive to.

And to the rude/pushy/vile creatures that give this profession the bad rep I usually just keep saying no, they profess disbelief, then I say bye and hang up.

I don’t believe in being rude at the outset because they are just trying to do their job, and from what I can judge over the phone the majority of Australian telemarketers are grateful that someone treats them like a human.

Having done this kind of work before let me tell you it’s worse sitting in the call centre than being at home where you have the freedom to do whatever you want.

Here’s a novel idea. Rather than finding some ‘amusing ‘ way of degrading the human being on the other end, just be honest with them.

« Sorry, I’ll save you some time right here, I’m not interested . Can you take me off the list or note that I don’t wish to be called. »

It’s amazing how far honesty goes when speaking to a flesh and blood human being.

It may not be as exciting as being a hero to all your friends because you were rude to a person whom you will never meet but it gets the job done.

The comments show that the sensible people are in minority in this world. To begin with people like Jim Schembri should be banned from writing as they are only trying to spread racial hatred and they do not raise an eyebrow. Just keep in mind our businesses are dying to sell to more and more people in India. I had been to India for the same reason through the government sponsored mission. In today’s world it is impossible to live aloof to everyone else. If you think what Jim has written is funny, then try working in a call centre. I have worked in three and that too in Melbourne, in sales, market research and customer service. People in call centres work 2 3 times harder to make same money as people in retail or other services. So, before trying any of the tricks that Jim or people like him are suggesting, put yourself in their shoes and adidas supravy just say ‘no thanks’.

Hey Jim, I also don’t like talking to telemarketers. It’s a nice place to travel and learn about ancient history! When our ancestors were hunting rabbits in the jungle as to fill up their tummy they had been inventing numerical system and algebra. Is this the real Aussie spirit that we share by down sizing others? This is pathetic and poor work, Jim.

Dear All, I have worked as a Telemarketer in past. I would like to clear up some facts. Telemarketers are just normal people trying to earn living by an honest way. I don’t see anything wrong in that ! It will cost you nothing to listen to them except few minutes. If somebody calls you and offer you a better product than you are using right now then why not to take it! As an industry regulation they have to give you atleast 10 Business days to cancel it if you change your mind afterwards! So, you won’t get cheated on phone at all!

If you are really not interested then just say No Thanks, it will do the job. Make your number a private number! If your number is going to publish in white pages then telemarketers are going to call you. It won’t solve the problem!

I am totally against telemarketers, it’s a practice that be should be illegal so you don’t have to deal with them.

The crime that is on the increase today and growing rapidly worldwide is identity theft and credit card fraud. People have to understand that there are some criminals who are scamming for sensitive and personal information over the phone. Why are people so gullible to give out sensitive and personal information to a total stranger over the phone? I have spoken to trusting people who give out credit card details and their 3 digit security number.

I understand that the actual guys and girls calling us are just trying to make some cash and get through life, however I dont care, repeat with me I dont care. These companies are scum, they call and call and call and call. They will even call at 8.30pm and ask me to take part in a survey for some junk, and what do they offer me. Well the answer may supprise you, they give you nothing and want something from you. Not forgetting by selling your opinion on they are makeing money. Last nights example was from Dodo, obviously a automated dialer and then a nice gentleman from India who couldnt understand why I didnt want to participate. As soon as I answered I knew it was a cold call of some form so I said flatly I am not interested, but apparently this was too confusing for him and procedded to try to explain that this would only take five minutes. So I asked what do I get out of this. He gets paid, the company he works for gets some cash and I got calls from these a holes. So blast them, yell at them, tell them to cluck off. It is not your problem if someone has a crap job, it is there problem.

Telemarketers want you to hang up straight away if your not interested. They can call more people that way.

I’ve found a great solution get a cordless speaker phone. When they call put them on speaker . do something else, and let them say their whole script. Wait until you start hearing ‘Hello? Hello?’ then you say « Yep I missed a bit of that can you repeat from the top. » See how many times they say the same thing over and over. Play dumb, ask stupid questions. When they answer them, wait a while then ask them again. See how long before they hang up.

Milestone boy overcomes rare condition

Local doctors didn have the expertise to help him and the outlook was bleak. Without specialized treatment, baby Carter bones would keep fracturing over and over again.

you have curved bones that he can possibly try and stand on because they just break as soon as he stand, she said.

As a new mom, Jennifer was desperate for an answer. that point all you want to do is get help for your son. Do something. when she received a life changing phone call from another mom whose son also suffered from the same condition.

She told them about the Shriners Hospital for Children in Montreal, adidas obuv lacno where her son was receiving treatment and surgery to strengthen his bones and reduce his pain.

Jennifer wasted no time. She called the Shriners asking for help and within weeks, the family was flown to Montreal for treatment on the Shriners dime.

will send a child as needed. It all depends on what the treatment plan is as developed by the hospital, said Howard Louie, Shriners Hospital Chair for Saskatchewan.

of course, was on maternity leave. So looking ahead at years of all these costs was something we had not really planned for, said Jennifer.

At just 8 years old, Carter has been flown to Montreal 45 times to see specialists.

mean the world to me, he said. helped me make my bones strong so I can play on the playground with my friends. the treatments, his life would be very different.

wouldn even be walking and doing the things I am today, he said. like to run, jump, play with my friends sometimes do karate. kindness he was shown by Shriners volunteers and medical staff will never be forgotten. They had such a lasting impact, Carter wants to be a nurse when he grows up.

How to Become a Runner

Running is not beyond your reachI have never been an athlete. Growing up, I was painfully awkward and uncoordinated. Any team sport was out of the question. Running, on the other hand, always stirred my interest. The solitary nature of the sport really appealed to me; the runner and the runner alone is responsible for a best time or a worst time. Despite my shifting interest, I never really explored the possibility of actually becoming a runner, until I turned 40. I was holding on to an extra 20 pounds that I couldn’t get rid of. This weight, and the realization that my strong family history of diabetes could soon be turning against me, motivated me to finally get off the couch and take action. Could I actually become a runner? Would I ever have the discipline and endurance to run further than a mile without huffing and puffing? I put these questions to the test, and I am happy to report, to other potential later in life runners, that running is a sport you can really embrace on your own terms.

Find your tribeJoin a running group or club. Do this, even if you are a true introvert and love to exercise alone. Becoming a runner can really test the limits of your fitness and endurance; it can also be quite rewarding if you have good support and camaraderie. In a group that meets regularly, you will often find runners of all ability levels. Some are well matched, but even much faster runners will challenge you to improve your time and distance. Running groups can also be a great resource if you want to eventually enter races. A group may participate in a 5K, a 10K, or even relay races with a team of members, and it can feel much less daunting for a first timer if you spot many familiar faces at the starting line.

Don’t go too far, too fastOne of the most common mistakes for beginning runners? Pushing yourself too hard. It’s very tempting, once you begin to progress and feel that excitement, to skip some steps to get closer to your goal. But this is where self discipline comes in. Following a run walk program, as popularized by former Olympian Jeff Galloway, can really « break you in » to a running program and remain injury free. There are many apps and programs that detail the minutes involved in each running and walking period. You will usually start with very brief running intervals, longer walking breaks, and an extensive cooldown. Gradually, the running periods get longer and closer together, adidas obuv pánska until you work up to a big chunk of running. I used a phone app that guided users to work up to a 5K distance within 8 weeks. This gradual increase helped me to stay injury free while I worked up to those greater distances.

Your shoe choice can either drag you down or propel you forwardI’ve found that finding the perfect pair of running shoes depends on both science and emotional preference. A visit to a dedicated running store and a discussion with a fit specialist will be well worth your while. The specialist will analyze your stride, possibly perform gait analysis testing, and determine whether your arch type figures into the recommended shoe. Even with these expert suggestions, though, you may fall in love with a specific type of shoe that just feels right when you run. For me, it was the Brooks Cadence, which was a very lightweight shoe with some minor stability features. I’m a little overweight and may have benefited from extra cushioning and heft in my shoes, but that is not the type of shoe I chose. I found that the super light, close to the ground, slightly structured feel of my shoes gave me a psychological lift every time I laced them up. So, do your research, but also settle on a shoe you love. Try not to break the bank either, since regular runners should replace those shoes roughly every 4 6 months, depending on your mileage.

Sign up for a race (or several)This was the single most anxiety producing event of my short running life. The idea of registering for a race caused such distress; will I gasp! finish last? Will I look like I don’t belong? Will I be able to pin the number on my shirt correctly? I realize now that these are all common concerns of first timers, but they were not worth obsessing over! I did not finish last in that first race. I managed to pin the number on myself in a presentable way. I ended up not feeling foolish, but quite proud. I think I was one of many first timers in that costume themed 5K. I must say it’s almost impossible to feel self conscious while wearing a silly hot pink cape.

You may find that you need a bit of extra motivation and incentive to keep you moving forward in your running program. A 5K or a 10K on the horizon can do just that. Some offer beautiful scenery, while others provide a fun party atmosphere, but any race can give you the feeling of accomplishment and validation you crave as a new runner. When you’ve laid down all the sweaty effort you can muster on race day, I promise that you will feel like a true runner (no matter your race time).

Every day gets easierThere are countless reasons to love running; it offers so many incredible benefits. Running boosts your overall health, may help you live longer, improves the quality of your sleep and helps you to maintain a healthy weight. Best of all, though, running offers a remarkable perk. There is always another day, another race, another year that you can build upon your progress and always a chance to improve. You can achieve more better race times, longer distance, a more consistent routine. With running, when you put in the effort, you will see the results. That amazing sense of accomplishment is worth the struggle it takes to get there.

How to Enhance and Enrich Your Marriage

Any marriage counselor adidas tenisky will tell you that one of the most common problems observed when couples come for help is poor communication skills. People get into trouble in their marriages because they have not developed their ability to listen and communicate.

These are a few of the things that prevent people from communicating effectively:

People marry because they want to spend the rest of their lives with their partner. They have every hope of growing together and creating a relationship that makes them feel emotionally healthy. Two factors that are necessary for this to happen are empathy and acceptance on the part of both partners.

Empathy is the capacity to put oneself in another’s shoes and understand how they view their reality, how they feel about things.

Demonstrating empathy and acceptance is critical to maintaining a strong relationship. Let’s look next at some communication skills that enable you to create a climate of empathy, acceptance, and understanding. First we will explore a skill called Active Listening.

Active listening is a way of communicating that creates the important climate of empathy, adidas obuv 2015 acceptance, and understanding.

It is a two step response to a statement made by your partner.

It includes reflecting back what emotion you detected in the statement, and the reason for the emotion.

This is what active listening sounds like:

« Sounds like you’re upset about what happened at work. »

« You’re very annoyed by my lateness, aren’t you? »

Why Active Listening Is a Valuable Skill

Active listening is a valuable skill because it demonstrates that you understand what your partner is saying and how he or she is feeling about it.

Active listening means restating, in your own words, what the other person has said.

It’s a check on whether your understanding is correct.

It demonstrates that you are listening and that you are interested and concerned.

Actively listening does not mean agreeing with the other person. The point is to demonstrate to your partner that you intend to hear and understand his or her point of view. This is good for your relationship for several reasons:

When someone demonstrates that they want to understand what you are thinking and feeling, it feels good.

Tutorial on Hanging Closet Sliding Doors

by Demand Media

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Sliding closet doors separate the closet from the bedroom without sacrificing any floor space. They allow you complete access to the interior of the closet as well, giving you more storage room. Sliding closet door installation is a simple do it yourself project. Take the sliding door measurement with you to the home improvement store as you pick up the doors and their hardware.

Measurement Sliding doors need to overlap in the center by 2 to 3 inches, so keep that in mind as you figure your door measurements. Because not all doorways are plumb, measure the width of the doorway at both the top and bottom of the closet doorjambs. Take at least two measurements of the height of the doorway as well. With the shorter of the two measurements, you can determine the width and height of your closet doors. To determine the width of the individual doors, divide the width of the doorway by 2. Add 2 to 3 inches to that amount, depending on the amount of overlap you want, to determine the width of the individual doors.

Doors You have a wide variety of options for the closet doors. Hollow core interior doors are readily available and easy to maneuver. You can select prefinished doors that you simply add hardware to, or you can finish the doors with stain and varnish or paint them before hanging. Another option is to cut plywood pieces to fit the opening and cover them with paint or fabric. If you wish, install full length mirrors on the sliding doors. Unless the height of the closet opening is different from the standard 6 feet, 8 inches of an interior door, you shouldn’t need to cut anything off the door. If you do, some lumberyards will make the cut for you. Otherwise, you can cut the door yourself with a circular saw.

Hardware The doors need a sliding door track that suspends them from the top of the doorjamb. The track should be slightly shorter than the width of the door. Each door needs a pair of track rollers. These install them either on the top of the door or along the back of its top edge. The doors need a pair of door adidas botasky pulls to use as door handles. If you select doors with precut door handle holes, choose the larger metal disks available for this purpose to fill the holes. Otherwise, you need to drill smaller holes in the doors to insert the door pulls you select. The final piece of hardware is a bottom track for the door. All of the hardware pieces come with mounting screws in their assembly kits.

Installation To install the doors, install the track on the top of the door’s frame. The task is easier if you predrill the holes and use a drill bit on the drill to secure the screws. Drill holes, if necessary, for the door pulls. Install the pulls. Secure two rollers on the tops of each of the doors. Once again, drill pilot holes to make the job easier. Hanging the doors is easier if you have a helper hold the doors while you guide the rollers onto the track. Hold the inside panel at a 15 degree angle as you engage the rollers onto the track. Depending on the rollers you selected, they should snap into place when engaged, or you might have to close a locking mechanism. Once the first door is in place, hang the second door the same way as the first. Both doors should operate smoothly on the upper track. If you need to adjust the doors to make them hang evenly, loosen the screws that hold the rollers to the door slightly. Move the door up or down to straighten it and then retighten the screws. Finish the project by installing the floor guide. Position it so the doors pass through it. Secure the guide to the floor with screws. If you have carpet with extra thick nap, separate the nap so you can see the carpet’s base to keep the carpet from twisting into the screw threads. Brown holds a master degree in history education from Truman State University.

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