How to cure Plantar Warts aka Foot Warts

their plantar wart with a Combination Method of DUCT TAPE and an application of SALICYLIC ACID, (aspirin) which is an acid found in many over the counter wart bandages to speed up the process.

The best

method for fast removal of a Plantar wart/Foot wart is the following:

1) Soak foot in warm, soapy water for 15 minutes as warm as possible without becoming hot. Note: Be careful with children, not to make the water too hot. Test the water prior to soaking childs foot.

2) Dry foot thoroughly, using towel and hairdryer to get the foot and toes completely dry. Use a hair dryer so that you dry the foot and toes completely. Do not put the dryer setting on hot, but rather on warm or keep the dryer a distance of 10 inches or adidas zx flux more in order to apply a warm temperature to dry the whole foot. (This will also help the tape stick to the skin)Apply Salicylic acid in the form of paste or preferably a band aid type

patch with thick pad which helps to keep some pressure off wart when standing or walking, Use a patch such as those commonly found in pharmacy. (there are many products, but the one used in this method was the one that has been around for many years.

The acid will deteriorate and render the healthy skin tender, this is

not desired and adidas com originals may cause an additional problem.

4) Cover the salicylic acid pad

with duct tape cut to size. The duct tape should be cut just enough to

cover the wart with salicylic patch, with enough tape left around the

edges so it can stick to the unaffected skin. Use this for the first 48 hours and then remove the duct tape and acid patch. During this 48 hours, the acid will begin to kill the virus and the duct tape will keep air out. After this 48 hours, soak the foot in warm soapy water, rub the dead skin off wart with emery board, keep bandage and tape off overnight that night. Use either an emery board or pumice stone to gently

rub the dead skin off the top of the wart. With

children use an emery board and rub in one direction, then the opposite

direction if the child does not demonstrate pain, continue until dead skin is gone. Approx 3 minutes of gentle rubbing.

5) Apply the duct tape now without the salicylic acid patch. Press the

tape so that it sticks to the skin to secure it well enough to stay in

place, thus cutting off the air to the wart. Without oxygen,

the virus will sufficate and not be able to continue growth. Since the acid has started the deterioration of the wart, the duct tape will