People make a place special

Every traveller learns a lesson early on: A place is never just about the landscape; it is the people that make it special. It people that give a place its special vibe and energy. People have memories and stories to share, making a place much more than the sum of just what you can see. And so, a traveller learns, early on in his journey on the road, to pay special attention to the people. To get over his hesitation, surmount his doubt, and talk and tell stories in exchange for the stories of others. Getting people to reveal the gems that will make the effort and the journey memorable, adidas obuv cislovanie bits of local wisdom, tips of things to do and places to eat, stories behind the landmarks that adorn postcards, memories of things that were.

A simple test can prove this. When you friends share photographs from their trips, which photos do you linger over the most? The landscapes? The pictures of the rolling hills or the bare tree framed against a blue sky? Or is it the people who catch your attention. The woman in her smart floral skirt and pastel blouse, trotting home after a visit to the market. The young boys running around the fountain and the artist, sitting in a corner of the square, adidas obuv vypredaj capturing the scene on his canvas.

But this puts the photographer who seeks to catch the essence of a place in a spot. If you are to photograph the people, should you catch them unawares, getting a true picture of their lives and the world around them? Or should you seek permission; running the risk of missing that perfect moment, and only capturing shy, self conscious smiles? Or should you talk to them, draw them out, listen to their stories, and in the process maybe capture on their faces an expression that is richer and more telling?